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LEGACY has super customers and we thank each and every one who have been so nice and
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LEGACY Appraisals & Estate Sales, LLC
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The terms of LEGACY's sales are pretty basic - remember, we operate legally: 

  1. Our sale hours will be listed on our website for each sale. They will also be posted on our emails and in the paper (both print and online). We limit the number of customers admitted as we adhere to the fire codes in the city where the sale is held.     
  2. NO strollers or walkers and NO large handbags or drink cups or food will be allowed - thanks for understanding. The breakage factor is HIGH in small hallways!       
  3. Please hold your children's hands if you choose to bring them in. Do Not let them pick up or play with items!
  4. No pets will be allowed! Service animals are the only exceptions.
  5. NO alcohol or persons drinking will be allowed in the sale.
  6. We accept Cash, Checks with printed addresses that correspond w/proper & current ID, Credit & Debit cards for purchases over $10.00. NO large bills please!!  Some items such as cars, firearms, collectible coins, high end jewelry, sterling, high end collectibles, or musical instruments require verified bank check payments.   
  7. The cashiers are not allowed to deal or change prices. 
  8. There is a $45.00 charge for all insufficient fund/ closed acct./ or otherwise bad checks. Charge backs are dealt with harshly.  We cooperate fully with the district attorneys in counties where we operate and all checks are turned over to them if not made good in a timely manner.
  9.  All offers are binding and treated like a check. Refusal to honor your offer is the same as writing a hot check.  It is turned over to the DA for collection.
  10. We accept ONLY current tax exemption certificates for resale only. Forms are supplied and each seller/vendor is required to fill out a form with their 11-digit tax exemption number. Please tell the cashier if you are tax exempt before you check out.  - THANKS!
  11. Unfortunately, lines are inevitable. The first days and the first hours are the worst. No pushing, shoving, or cutting in front of people standing in our lines will be tolerated. Some homes have A/C and some do not. Some smell worse than others - We all know the drill.
  12. No disrespectful comments or actions to the staff, owner, other customers, or especially the estate will be tolerated. This is Texas!
  13. Jewelry, silver, coins, firearms, or other collectibles in show cases are shown one piece at a time. 
  14. LEGACY has it's own pre-printed SOLD signs. These are the only ones honored. Do not bring your own! They will be promptly discarded and you may be banned from future sales. All items designated SOLD are expected to be purchased. After a  30 minute period of time, they are put back out for sale,

  15. Each customer is responsible for inspecting his or her merchandise. All items are sold "as is - where is." All sales are final. No warranties are made or implied.
  16. Our staff does not wrap, sack, box, carry, or deliver - NO exceptions - Thanks! Each person is responsible for hauling his own purchases. New insurance requirements!  All items are expected to be removed by the agreed upon time or they will revert back to the estate to be resold or donated. Bring your own sacks & boxes as we can not guarantee we will still have some.  Do not shop from the holding area! As a courtesy we usually have a Holding Area (space permitting) where shoppers may put the items they are going to purchase while they continue to shop (for a 30 minute limit). Once placed in the holding area or holding table, items are expected to be purchased - no exception. 
  17. Bids - we will accept reasonable offers on some merchandise. Accepting bids is illegal unless you are an auctioneer and on the sale site! Offers are treated contractually and payment must be made by pre-arranged date or the contract will be turned over to the DA for non-payment. Our offers require a down payment and are subject to all legal actions should you change your mind.
  18. Price switching will not be tolerated. Violators will be asked to leave the sales and be banned from future sales. No items will be sold without a price tag.
  19. We will not allow the hiding of items. During the sale days and after each sale day, the estate is combed for stashed items.  Please do not dishonor the estate by doing this. Again, you may be banned from future sales by attempting to hide items.  
  20. Please be respectful of the neighborhood where the sale is being held and park courteously and legally. The neighbors' driveways must remain clear. The drive way of the sale is reserved for loading and unloading of large items. Please do not block driveways or postal boxes. Thanks!. 
  21. Lastly, all homes are different with upstairs, basements, and steps. PLEASE be careful!  LEGACY is not responsible for any injuries or accidents occurring on the sale property or in the coming or going from our sales. Thanks again!​

Be safe - see you at our next sale!

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